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Building Quotes: 14 Reasons You Can Rely on Professional Looking Quotes

Reason One: It Pays To Stand Out From Your Competitors

The best thing that you as a professional builder can do to increase your standing with your customers is to provide them with professional looking quotes. Gone are the days when quotes can be scribbled onto the backs of envelopes. With, you are in safe hands as we value the relationship that you have with your customers and we want you to win the jobs that you quote for, time after time. You will find it so easy to draw up a professional looking quote using our software and your customers will thank you for making the extra effort. 

Reason Two: Detailed Quotations Win More Customers

It is a proven fact that customers like to read a very detailed building quote. They also like to see the work that will be carried out for them in finite detail. Can you imagine just writing on a piece of paper: Quote for extension = £20,000 ? Customers in the pre-digital age would not have known anything at all about the materials that were to be used, the type of foundations that would need to be laid or the quality of finish expected. Luckily, with you now have the ability to create a finely detailed and absolutely accurate quotation for your customers. Everyone involved in the project will literally be on the same page.

Reason Three: Wow Homeowners With Precise Building Quotes

Imagine the scene: you have just finished walking over the proposed extension or build site with the homeowner. They ask you to quote them for the work and also ask you to describe in detail what each stage of the work will cost them. You take your tablet and type in the specs and voilà! a complete quote appears in front of your eyes, covering every aspect of the job from foundations upwards. Then you can save the building quote as a PDF and send it to your customer’s email address, print it via the cloud into their office, or email it to them. They will then be able to view the professional and highly-detailed quote there and then and be so very impressed.

Reason Four: Increase Your Chances of Getting Your Building Quote Accepted

Research has shown that presenting a detailed building quote to a customer increases your chances of quote acceptance by a staggering 60% !!! That’s an amazing figure and it’s supported by feedback that we get from our clients every day. It’s not only your customers who’ll benefit from detailed building quotations, it’s you as well, as now you’ll see each step you’ll need to take as you plan the work and you’ll be able to timeline the various stages with greater accuracy.

Reason Five: Always Be Clear When Drawing Up Your Building Quotes

In life and work, clarity is everything – your customers will appreciate the nitty-gritty of the quotes that you’ll prepare for them using 
Remember though to include notes throughout your quote, so as to leave nothing to chance. You might want to include exceptions to specific stages of the job, so add these in clearly, to let the customers know that you’ve gone the extra mile and have thought of everything that needs to be included into the job. Maybe though, you don’t want to include certain elements of the job, as you know that other trades have already been booked. It really pays to be clear with your customer.


Reason Seven: Letting Your Logo Speak For You
Many builders go into business using the name of their firm on their paperwork, and do not even think about having a logo. With PriceAJob’s software, you can either upload a logo that you may have already had designed, or choose one from our catalogue that will fit your image. Be bold and dynamic – remember that we are all used to seeing logos,from Virgin Media to Coca-Cola, to Nike – logos matter, so don’t be left out when it comes to choosing your perfect branding.

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