UK: How construction estimation software can save your time and money

Preparing quotes and estimates and responding to tenders is a big part of any construction business, no matter how big or small. These can be time-consuming to prepare and many may not come to fruition. Domestic clients often get three or four quotes before deciding who they will use, with the same applying to commercial clients who put jobs out to tender.

How do you balance the need to send estimates to attract new work with the time it takes to complete them? The best solution may just be construction estimation software.

What is construction estimation software?

This type of software is designed specifically for builders and contractors to prepare quotes and bids for work. As the software is specific to the industry, there are generally plenty of appropriate, pre-designed templates available that will include the standard elements of a quote. You will also be able to amend many of the fields so that you can customise the areas of the quote that you need to.

There are many types of building software. Some are simple estimating tools, while others will enable you to convert the quote into a project if you are successful in bidding for a job. A good estimating software package will also include a database of the cost of many standard materials, which can be regularly updated so that you can be sure you are quoting using the latest prices from your suppliers.

You will also be able to add documents and graphics to your building software so that you keep records electronically in one place and can visualise the job.

How can it save you time and money?

Firstly, using construction estimation software eliminates the user errors that can occur if you are trying to prepare estimates manually or using spreadsheets. Most software is also cloud-based these days, so it is really easy to access information on the go in addition to knowing that it is safe and you are not going to lose a vital piece of paper. This is particularly useful if you are on site or out of the office and a client asks for a quote. Cloud-based rather than on-premise software also means that it is affordable, as you simply pay a monthly subscription rather than a lump sum upfront cost. This will help your business with cash flow.

The up to date materials database removes the need to check with your suppliers every time you need an up to date price. This alone can save a huge amount of time and indeed money if you get a price wrong in your quote.

As with any software package, you will generally find a great selection of predefined, professional reports that enable you to simply add your logo and details, saving you time creating your own. You can often email these straight to your clients and potential clients from the program.

Construction estimation software really can make a huge difference to your construction or building business, so why not take a look?

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