Estimate Multiple Views: Now in a click
Would you prefer to estimate everything in a sequence? Layer by layer? Or room by room? Now you have a freedom of choice for both...

Some interest-arousing introductions

There are many ways to increase your square footage. You can build up by adding one more floor, or you can build out and add a room as a section attached through an opening in a wall. You can also convert one kind of room to another. It’s impossible to figure the totals of adding a room until you are clear about the measurements and every detail of what’s built into it. The cost of labour in the region where you live will also matter.

For example, you would like to add a second floor. It means, all the plumbing will have to be brought up to this floor, as well as the electrical wiring, ductwork, and all the service-related features. We need to install framing and drywall to create some rooms, and all walls and ceilings painted.

What affects the cost of a room addition?

The area and perimeter of addition, materials you use, all the preparation work, and some extra features (like built-in furniture) will make a huge impact on the total cost of your room addition. On top of materials, labour and plant and tools you'll also need to pay for architectural plans and building permits.

Get to the point

Most contractors will estimate the total cost based on a price per square foot, which generally calculated based on the general project scope, estimated labour costs, materials and profit margins. Price a Job gives you an opportunity to deeper dive into what affects the cost of a room addition. From now on you can switch your view of Estimate in a click.

You'll get four open approaches to the Estimate or ways to present prepared Estimate:

1. General View. It shows the Estimate layer by layer. For example Foundation, Exterior Walls, Interior Partitions, Plumbing, etc.

2. All By Room. Sort all the modules in the scope of each Room. For example Hall: Partitions, Plumbing, etc. Kitchen: Partitions, Plumbing, etc.

3. Single Room. Same like All By Room, but only one room will be in the Report

4. Hybrid view. For example Foundation, Exterior Walls and Permissions as General View, and in the same Estimate, all the Finishing and Service-related materials as well as labour could be sorted by rooms.

Do not forget that it's available also on the mobile version. We think this update of the Price A Job workflow will make a life for everyone who works out Estimates much easier. More step by step explanation of how to use a new features you could find by following the links at our knowledge database:

Desktop: View By Room: Create RoomsView By Room: Sort ModulesView By Room: Sort Reports

Mobile: View By Room: Create RoomsView By Room: Sort ModulesView By Room: Sort Reports

System requirements
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